Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tis the season...

Halloween is here! I am also here...and there...and everywhere! "Here" means I have original art hanging in the "Of Switzerland County" gallery in Vevay IN now through November. They also carry a selection of my Matted & Splatted prints. The gallery will be hosting a reception at which we will be present on Nov. 3rd. If you've never been to Vevay you really must do so. We spent a few hours there after hanging the art and I think it has become my favorite little town.

"There" means Seattle WA. I'll be a guest at ZomBcon this weekend. Guests include Chuck Palahniuk, Max Brooks, Malcolm McDowell, Jeffrey Reddick, Ben Templesmith, George Romero and Bruce Campbell among a slew of others! 

"Everywhere" means National Geographic's The Truth Behind Zombies Saturday at 10pm. The producers asked for some of my art to be used in the program so they may have used all, some or none of my stuff. It will be like playing Where's Waldo...only with zombies!

Vevay, IN

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