Wednesday, November 03, 2010

ZomBcon re-cap

We're back! Our first event in Seattle WA was a huge success. The staff was awesome, the guests were awesome and the fans & attendees were awesome! First a big thanks for Ryan, Kimberley and everyone that coordinated and/or volunteered for the hospitality.

So first off we shared space with Stephen Romano, the author and designer of Shock Festival. Great guy who does some great work. I got to meet Chuck Palahniuk who stopped by the booth and flipped through the portfolio. We did some red carpet-y stuff towards the end of the event and I was introduced to George Romero! Photos were taken and I'll be postin' those babies when I get 'em!

The event was in an area that was full of great restaurants and pubs. We were just a couple blocks from the Space Needle which we visited of course. It was a great trip and we're really looking forward to returning in January for Rustycon at which I'll be the artist Guest of Honor.

My art on our right, Stephen Romano's on our left

Me & Hello Kitty are tight

From the Needle

From the Needle

Under the Needle

Green screen photo. The dude taking the pic kept telling me that my hat was covering my eyes and finally I snapped "Just snap the photo!"

He captured my frustration beautifully I think...

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