Monday, April 11, 2011

Fandom Fest Cincy...& new art!!

Here's a big announcement to all my zombie lovin' friends in the Cincinnati area: You CANNOT afford to miss Fandom Fest Cincinnati this weekend, April 16 & 17! At the Radisson in Covington KY, $5 admission and and ass load of zombie related guests!! Including myself guests include two Walking Dead zombies, Walking Dead artist Tony Moore, '68 artist and Bump Creator Mark Kidwell, '68 and Heroes writer RD Hall. Not into zombies you say? How about Freddy vs. Jason artist Jason Craig? Horror not your thing? How about Kabuki and Daredevil artist and Eisner award winner David Mack? Not into comics? How about Jackass' Mike Holman? Not into Mike Holman? Playboy's Megan Mooney will be there. If you're not into drop dead gorgeous ladies I can't help you...

In related news; I just completed a Walking Dead piece for the show.

In related related news; I just finished a piece for Ari Lehman. Ari played Lil' Jason Voorhees in the first Friday the 13th movie and fronts the rockin' metal band First Jason. He'll be offering prints at his concerts and appearances.

In related related related news; I just completed a new set for my Dead White & Blue series. You might recognize these zombies...

Sunday, April 03, 2011

I don't get it...

Maybe someone can explain this to me in a way that actually makes sense;

Independent musicians- Many musicians and bands go out and pound the pavement, playing gigs, making fans, and producing & releasing their own music in the hopes to getting a recording contract with a major label. And some actually become successful with any ties to a major recording label. There are even radio stations dedicated to indie and unsigned musicians. Indie music is accepted.

Independent movies- Many filmmakers shoot their own flicks on shoestring budgets in the hopes of getting a shot at making a big budget movie. And some indie become blockbusters themselves.Why, indie films have their own film fests and awards ceremonies. Indie music is accepted.

Independent comic books- Many comic book creators toil at their craft in the hopes of getting some attention from fans and/or major publishers. Some creators leave major publishers to start up their own publishing ventures. Indie comics are accepted.

Independent artists- Many artists and illustrators are not attached to a single company but depend on freelance work. We are constantly looking for new markets and clients. Many of us go on to work for companies full time and many of us leave companies to freelance. Some of the most influential artists and illustrators were freelancers. Indie artists are accepted.

Independent authors- Considered by many the bottom of the barrel. The only reason an author self-publishes is because said author sucks and cannot get a "legitimate" contract with a "legitimate" publishing house. An author that has self published is tainted and can no longer be considered a candidate for "actual" publishing through a "real" publisher. Self published authors are dirtying up the waters and must be stopped by any means, preferably through humiliation or bullying. Indie authors are NOT accepted.