Sunday, December 26, 2010

Looking back @ 2010

Yeah, it's been a while since my last post. We've been a bit busy. I'm going to do a post about our trip to Canada for SFContario but I know there is a lot of folks wondering how the Who ARTED? 2010 event went. It was a huge success! I'll be putting together a post with all the numbers and stuff so stay tuned!

But for now a bit of end-of-year stuff: First off we want to thank all of you for supporting Billy Tackett Studios. It is a great warm and fuzzy like feeling when one can do what one loves to do and the public approves. And that's what happens every time one of you orders a print online or at a con, commissions me for a portrait of book cover or just stops by and looks through the portfolio and gives me some sort of "thumbs up".

Secondly, thanks to all the event promoters and gallery curators that invited to their events and establishments. Again, you gave us that warm and fuzzy feeling by rolling out the red carpet!

During 2010 we had the opportunity to:
Climb the Sears Towers
Visit Graceland
Climb the St. Louis Arch
See Niagara Falls
Climb the Seattle Space Needle
Visit Sun Records
Climb the Toronto CN Tower
See the Pacific Ocean for the first time
Leave the U.S. for the first time
Publish my first book
Met some wonderfully awesome folks!

Without your support we wouldn't have the opportunity to travel to travel country...scratch that! the continent! And your support to me is me! But just as important is your support of the zombie/horror genre. For so many years we have been on the outside looking in at mainstream but now we are mainstream so let's keep it up and look out for each other!

And just as important if not more so is your support of the arts including art, literature, film, music and especially the independent arts. The arts are being cut from our school systems so it's up to you parents, siblings, family, friends and neighbors to educate the younger ones and to expose them to the things that you loved when you were young...and still love today!

So what will 2011 have in store for Billy Tackett Studios? The Dead White & Blue graphic novel will be completed and you can be damned sure there will be an ass load of Dead White & Blue art! I'm looking into some really cool merchandise to tie in with the graphic novel but that's all in the R&D stages right now. There could possibly be some new publications from Billy Tackett Studios as well. We are also planning on bringin' our ooey gooey zombie goodness to some new cities around the US! We may be invading to new countries as have been warned!

Thanks to all and Happy 2011!!
Billy & Heather

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


One more big promo! Who ARTED? is almost here and I wanted to share a video from our friend Phil Hepfinger that he shot at last year's event.

This Saturday, 6 to 10, Art on the Levee at Newport on the Levee. Wine tastings, refreshments, art, art, art!

go to for more details