Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Casa de ZOMBIE!

Wow, I have really been neglecting my blog. Lost'a stuff goin' on. Like Dead White & Blue Comics is now available. You can get it in my store. Zombies and aliens and Nazis, oh my!

Now for the really big news....We are now the proud owners of a building we have christened Casa de Zombie!

Don't really have much time to go into it but here's a thumbnail:
We closed on the building at the end of May after trying to get the financing squared away for over a year! The house is a bit of a paradox in that it's in good shape but needs a lot of work. We've been trying to make it habitable so we can move in ASAP. I've been doing a little video diary to document the changes being made. I'll post the first two at the end of this post. 

I'm also working on a history of the building. It was built around 1874 as a hotel and tavern. From what I'm gathering from newspaper articles and the few mentions of the building in history essays it was a less than reputable establishment. I'm sure the building has tales to tell...

Now for the question that everyone asks: Is it haunted? The short answer: I think so. We've been having strange experiences since the first time we went to view the property! Won't go into much here at the moment but I will say that we've started keeping a log of the "happenings" and we will be having a team in to investigate. More on that when it happens.

I plan on updating a bit more regularly. My Facebook friends have been getting photos of our work. I'll share those here as well. 

Until next time....