Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween music...week 4

Last week! Halloween is almost upon us. For the final installment I thought I would showcase some bands that I have some connection which whether they are friends or clients or what ever.

Goblin Queen Impaler
Listened to these guys back in the day and recently had the honor of having them as booth neighbors at a local show. I believe their music is better than ever.

Soul Seller First Jason
Ari Lehman is pretty awesome. High energy on and off stage. We do several shows a year with him and he never fails to entertain. He is also working on Abyss Walker inspired music so keep your eyes peeled for that! for more info.

Sick Things Alice Cooper
I did t-shirt designs for both the US and UK chapters of Alice's unofficial fan clubs, both called Sickthings.

What's the Count Jack? Eerie Von
Chatted with Eerie online numerous occasions and just waiting for the opportunity to meet him in person. The guy is also a great artist. Stop by to see for yourself.

Changed Switchblade Syndicate
Some great friends of ours. I did the cover art for their debut CD. I only wish there was a better quality video of them but stop by for samples of their music.

Devilution The Reanimated
I've met some of these cats a few times. Check the out if you get the opportunity.

Sex Drugs & Formaldehyde Pagan Holiday 1313
Lastly but definitely not leastly, great band who musically is equal parts 80s metal, punk and Italian horror! And any band with a song called Dead White & Blue is pretty fuckin' cool in my book!

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