Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cincinnati celebrates 4th of July ZOMBIE STYLE!!

We're bringin' Dead White & Blue to the Northside 4th of July Festival in Cincinnati Friday and Saturday. Along with our usual zombie fair we will also have unusual zombie fare! T-shirts, prints, buttons, greetin' cards. And if zombies ain't your thing check out our newest t-shirt:

And we'll be carryin' Big Dead Machine shirts and prints as well.

Friday 6 -1am
Sat 1-1am

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knoxville Comic & Anime Con

Come see what happens when they let the inmates out!

Be amazed at guests like Sean Taylor, Bobby Nash, Roni Jonah, John Dugan, Jason Crowe, Sam Flegal,  Richard Green, Cypography, Richard Ewell and some good lookin' chap by the name of Billy Tackett.

See the astounding feats of dealers like World of Strange & DVD Bob...I would name more but I don't know any...

Go here to see for yourself!

I'll have a bunch of new merchandise including a brand new set of buttons, greeting cards, t-shirts and prints of the brand spankin' new paintin' featurin' the indomitable Rockstar Roni Jonah as ZRU: 7083