Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharin' some big news!

Yeah, yeah. I know. It's been a while since my last post but things have been pretty hectic around here. But the upside is that this post is crammed full of big news! What big news, you ask? News like this:

I just updated our calendar.

Feb. 11, '12 - Mississippi Pulp Con, Jackson, MS (Guest of Honor)
Feb. 17-19, '12 - Con Nooga, Chattanooga, TN
Mar. 17, '12 - Lexi-Con: Drink & Draw, Lexington, KY
Mar. 23-25, '12 - Horrorhound Weekend, Columbus, OH
Mar. 31, '12 - Con-Tourage's INFESTATION, Atlanta, GA (Guest of Honor)
Apr. 13-15 , '12 - C2E2, Chicago, IL
May. 4-6, '12 - Texas Frightmare Weekend, Dallas, TX 
May. 25-27, '12 - Alabama Phoenix Festival, Birmingham, AL (Guest)
Jun. 15-17, '12 - Con-tanimation, St. Louis, MO (Guest)
Jun. 30, '12 - Derby City Comic Con, Louisville, KY (Guest)
Aug. 31- Sep.3, '12 - Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA (Guest)
Sep. 22-23, '12 - Cincinnati Comic Expo, Cincinnati, OH (Guest)
Sep. 28-30, '12 - Pandora Con, Cincinnati, OH (Guest of Honor)

The latest addition is that we'll be a guest at Dragon*Con in the Comics & Pulp Art section. I've got some ideas for Dragon*Con related art so keep yer eyes peeled!

Secondly: Ever wondered what I would do during a zombie apocalypse? Well, now you can see what good friend and author Shane Moore thinks I would do in his new book, The Apocalypse of Enoch. And if you wanna discount just go to New Babel Books' site, add the book to your cart and use the promo code AOEBilly. You can save $3 just by name droppin'! I will warn you that Shane gets one thing wrong in his depiction of me: He has me wearing pants much less than I would in real life....

Now for the big news (insert drum roll)
The first issue of Dead White & Blue Comics is available for pre-order!!
Go to my store and place your order for a measly $14.99 and get free shipping for a limited time! This epic proportions has been years in the making and is well on its way of becoming this generation's War and Peace! Without all words and stuff...and with zombies...and Nazis, and aliens and giant robots!

If you want to see a sample just go here and read 14 pages for free!