Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For The Love Of Monsters pre-orders

We finally got our galley copy of our book and we are ready for pre-orders! We will be taking pre-orders until Nov. 31. When you pre-order you get free shipping, free autograph and free sketch on the inside cover! That's a whole lotta frees in there. You may ask "Billy, how can you afford to give away free autographs like that?" It's true that in this economy ink is very expensive and with the all the social upheavals in the ink rich countries it's kinda hard to come by. But I do it because I love you. I love each and every one of you. In a brotherly way of course. And not in a creepy way. Because I'm not like that. Not since the therapy...

Anyway! Go to and get your copy for only $35. It's not just a book but a little auto-biography. And it not only contains what may be the oldest surviving piece 'o art by me it also has pictures of my in Mickey Mouse ears and a McDonalds hat! Not at the same time of course.

I'll also be taking pre-orders at Horrorhound Weekend Cincy this weekend!

And while I'm at it: I discovered some photos from Darkwoods 1.5 that I had neglected to I did.

 Ami & Heather

Me & my David Fultz art challenge: Draw a zombified single celled organism

 Sam Flegal and his David Fultz art challenge: Draw a zombified single celled organism...I can't compete with color!

 David Fultz, me & Sam Flegal

 And just to prove that Sam and I are NOT the same person as some of you have suspected

 Sam, Mike Holman, Adam Thomas, Daniel Emery Taylor, Ami Taylor & Heather

Back row: Sam, Nightmare on Elm Street's Ken Sagoes, Adam, Daniel, Ami
Front row: Matt Essary, Heather

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