Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zombies are comin!! re-revisited

Several months ago, shortly after the earthquake in Haiti, I posted a blog that in part gave Haiti credit for the zombie phenomenon and in part made light of conspiracy theorists. You can read it here. A few folks took me to task for it telling me it was too soon to be getting a jolly at the expense of anothers pain and suffering. So in my defense I clarified my intentions here. I made a short list spelling out who I was making fun of in my original post. 

Please make note of entry #7 where I take a poke at authors and screenwriters. I ask "How long before zombie themed screenplays and stories start showing up using the quake as a backdrop if not a cause for the apocalypse? 6 months? A year?" Well ladies and gents we have our answer! 8 months.

In Las Vegas the Rainbow Company Youth Theatre is putting on a play called "The Zombies Walk Among Us". says "Written and directed by Brian Kral, the play is set in post-earthquake Haiti. The daughter of an aid worker dreams she has seen her sister walking with the zombies, and sets out on a mysterious adventure to discover the truth about the vodoun culture and zombification." The website uses what looks like an actual earthquake photo as a promo. 

So for the record, if you want to exploit, fictionalize, monetize or make fun at the expense of the suffering of another 8 months is the appropriate amount of time to wait. 

Honestly I don't care what others think and I see nothing wrong with the play. I just wanted to point out that I was pretty accurate in my prediction. If the play is holding auditions now it has probably been in the writing stages for a couple months which puts it firmly in the 6 month period. I'm like a Nostradamus or some shit. Tell your friends...

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