Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It ain't always about me...

Cincinnati Comic Book Expo, Cintas Center, Cincinnati OH, Sept 18! Be there!

OK, I got that outta the way I can get to the point which is this: I've noticed that my blog posts have become about where I was last weekend, who I hung out with, where I'm going next weekend and who I'll hang out with. That's all well and good but it leaves my blog lacking any substance or personality. That's about to change! Time permitting I'm going to be sharing some stuff that I find interesting. Stuff like music, art and so on.

Jack Kirby's birthday was on Aug. 28th and to commemorate this I thought I'd share this interview. Keep in mind that this interview took place at about the time the whole Marvel fiasco was coming to a legal ending so the wounds are still pretty fresh for Kirby. The interviewers did a good job of skirting the subject but the animosity is pretty evident in some of Jack's responses to caller's questions.

Note- When I'm asked why I chose a career in art my reply is a very honest "Because that was the only thing I was good at". My wife always rolls her eyes at this, telling me it minimizes what I do and why. In the interview Jack is asked the same question. His answer? "It was what I was good at"!

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