Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Horrorhound re-cap

We do a lot of shows. Last year we did 27 events which included horror conventions, tattoo fests, gaming expos, concerts and so on. And without fail, regardless of how successful our outing were, you ask your fellow vendors and artists how the event was for them and you get everything from "This sucked!" to "So-so" to "Seen better" and even the occasional "This rocked!". Most of the time you get all those comments from the same event! Horrorhound Indy was an exception. Every single person I talked to said the same thing: "This rocked!". But for us the event had a rocky start...

It was one of those days when everything you touch turns to shit. Not in a bad way but in a bunch of little ways. Like when you pick up a box and the bottom falls out or you open your car door and smack the Lexus next to you by accident. Crap like that. But we did get to have eats with Jim O'Rear and Cameron Scott before the show opened. And after the doors opened it was all a big blur...
The attendees were awesome! People were buying stuff and laughing and having a good time. It had a very festive atmosphere. It could have had something to do with the Horror Host tribute to Vampira that HH was hosting. Or maybe it was the Maskfest going on there as well? I don't know what it was but magic was happenin'!

We had the opportunity to meet up with some old friends like Dick Starr and Heidi, Johnny Bopp, Mike Christopher, Cherokee Hall, Jeff Preston, Dave Dyer from Con-tamination, Robert from Cypography, Dr. Ivan Cryptosis, Hellga from The It's Alive Show, Ari Lehman, J. Travis Grundun, the good folks from Night of The Living PodcastJoel Robinson, TB Gallery, Elizadeth Hetherington, animator Donald Stout (with whom I am working on a top secret project...ssshhh!) among others.
We made some new friends this round as well. Most notably was Menton J. Matthews III. If you aren't familiar with Menton you really need to go to his site. Do it now! I also had the honor to finally meet Daniel Horne. This guy is a master, literally and figuratively. He was set up in the Maskfest showing off his sculpting abilities. The things that this man does is unbelievable! And the really cool thing? He recognized me and knew me by name (insert fan boy squeal here). But seriously, he was super nice and it was unfortunate that we were so busy that I didn't have time to talk with him more. Also had the opportunity to exchange a few pleasantries with another master, Tom Savini.

And there were tons of fans. Most notably was Dawn who, after telling me I was her favorite artist, asked me to sign her foot which she had permanently tattooed the next day! I can't even get Heather to do that!
I wish I had time give a play by play but I got deadlines!  So here's a few pictures instead...

Dude loves him some Big Dead Machine!

Me and Hellga

Me and Menton

Jim O'Rear finds a long, lost sibling.

And my autograph tattooed on a fan's foot!

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