Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Conspiracy theories...

I love conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, histories mysteries, Forteana. All of it. That doesn't mean I believe in them. Just that they fascinate me. Especially the grand-daddy of all conspiracy theories, the Illuminati. dunh-dunh-duuuunnnhhhh!

As far as conspiracy theories go the one(s) pertaining to the Illuminati is/are the most diverse, far reaching, provable and disprovable of them all. If I had to put all the Illuminati myths in a nutshell it would go something like this: The Illuminati refers to a group of individuals that are involved in clandestine ventures of a global nature. The group was formed in pre-history and/or ancient Sumeria and/or ancient Egypt and/or medieval Europe and/or Renaissance-era Europe and/or Victorian-era Europe by aliens and/or sorcerers and/or keepers of an ancient technology and/or Jewish bankers and/or decedents of Jesus Christ and/or Freemasons and/or...well, you get the picture. The Illuminati may or may not be connected to organizations such as the New World Order, Knights Templar, OTO, Freemasons, the Catholic Church, CIA, Priory of Sion, Wicca, Bohemian Club, Skull and Bones, Satanism and so on, depending on which theorist you're listening to. Famous people with ties to the Illuminati range from Jesus Christ to Jay-Z and Lady Gaga with any and all world leaders included in this list.

One of the aims of the Illuminati is to rule the world. To achieve this the Illuminati use governments and/or banks and/or military and/or religions etc. Simple enough, right? Another tool used by the Illuminati are Manchurian Candidates, people brainwashed to perform an action, usually an assassination, when a code-word or some other trigger is given to them.

"Famous" Manchurian Candidates include Booth, Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Hinkley and Charles Manson, which brings me to my point. There are websites out there that go into great detail connecting the Book of Revelations, the Beatles, Charles Manson, and everything connected with them to the Illuminati, or CIA. Or the New World Order. Or whatever. Manson's "teachings" are analyzed under a microscope in order to find these connections. And found they are. Everything from his quotes to the number of times a certain victim was stabbed. Everything has meaning. Interesting but do I buy into it? Not really. But I can't stop reading about it. (side note: Sharon Tate's death date is Aug. 9, 1969. If you turn all the 9s upside down you get 666! Eerie!)

The other day while browsing Wal-Mart (which is connected to Satanism and the Masons), I found that they had DVDs for $3! A lot of crappy ones to be sure but there was one with a documentary about Manson on it. A $3 DVD = my DVD. (I wonder if I should thank Satan or the Masons for the affordable entertainment?) During the documentary the image of Manson victim Leno LaBianca comes on screen. You know the one with the word "WAR" carved in his stomach?

I've seen this image dozens, if not hundreds of times, but as it flicked on my TV and back off something struck me as odd. The "W". Something about the "W" seemed over the top. Contrary to popular belief I have never carved into human flesh but I have carved into other soft materials and this seems like overkill to me. Could the flesh had been softer than the killer had thought? That would explain one or two legs of the letter but not a seemingly mirror or reflected image. And it seems as though great pains were taken to connect the two lines at the bottom. Why? My first thought was that they were trying to carve two "X"s but then my knowledge of conspiracy theories kicked in and it hit me:

Of all the weird and seemingly out in left field theories I have read no one has ever made this "connection". Why is that? It seems like a no-brainer to me. I am not going to theorize or speculate on anything. I am just putting this out there because I find it extremely strange that this hasn't been brought up. And I wanted to be the first to bring it to the public. I am also aware of the unfortunate side effect that putting this out there also puts out there the fact that I know a lot about a lot of crazy/stupid/weird shit. But I'm OK with that. 

Again, I'm not associating Manson and the Masons. I just think that people that do have missed an important piece of their "puzzle". And is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that there is only one letter difference in Manson and Mason? I'm just sayin'...

Talk amongst yourselves about the evils of Freemasonry, hippies, rock music, the CIA, and sex magick cults. And in the meantime enjoy these fun links:
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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you and noticed it myself just the other day...glad to know someone else HAS noticed it too