Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Darkwoods Con

Wow. I'm still not entirely sure the events in Pikeville actually took place or if I dreamed it! Maybe it will help if I start from the beginning...Nah! I'm just going to throw a bunch of crap out there at ya!

*Had breakfast 3 times with Michael Berryman, once was with Michael AND Dick Warlock and his wife Cat!!
*And speaking of Dick and Cat...I believe they are androids because nobody can possibly be that nice.
*I misspelled Daniel Emery Taylor's name when I created the program for the event...only to find out that the event misspelled my name on the banner for my table! Karma!
*Dinner with wrestling legend Al Snow and his wife Bobcat along with Cherokee and his minions.
*Free bourbon always tastes better...going down than coming back up!
*Our friends are quite possibly some of the funniest people we know...;-)
*TJ won the Dance Dance rematch against Daniel Emery Taylor...but he blurred the line between fun & games and pornography when he did it topless.
*Big thanks to Alex Del Monacco, Stacey Dixon and Kayla Perkins for making the scenery across from us easy on the eyes.
*It was good to hang out with artist cohorts like Sam Flegal, ScottRa, Joel Robinson & TB Gallery and friends like Pickled Brothers Sideshow, Nic Brown, Jim O'Rear, the, I mean Taylors, Billy Blackwell, The Scream, George and the gang from ZP Movies, Stephen Zimmerer, Schaff, Lyz, William J. Wright, TJ and on and on and on....
*The gang at Darkwoods Con sure know how to put on a show!
And now for the evidence!

Me & Billy Blackwell

Me & Heather

Me & Jeff Mitchell

I molest pandas...

...and wear their hides as hats!

Blank spaces bother me.

Blank no more!

Heather & Jim O'Rear, two ravers lookin' for a party.

Heather "The Scream" Price, me & Heather

The Taylors & Tacketts

Cat & Dick Warlock (Michael Meyers) and us

Us and Michael Berryman

Ari Lehman rocks...Nuff said.

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