Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Con Nooga

Better late than never, eh? Here it is: This was our third year at Con Nooga and won't be our last! It's hard to find better convention folks. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones. One highlight was having a beer and talking shop with Larry Elmore...Actually it was more like having a beer and making copious amounts of mental notes while listening to Larry Elmore talk shop! Another highlight, or possible source of future emotional scars, was dinner with Abyss Walker author Shane Moore and his wonderful wife-to-be Tracy, Gene Simmons' Dominatrix author Sean Taylor and artist Mark Helwig where the conversation kept going back to which animal genitalia is most like a human female's among other things. I won't post a spoilers here, do your own research!
I had the honor to sit on a few panel discussions with Larry Elmore, Mike and Paul of Aradani Studios, Rob Brown, Christina Barber, Mark, and others I know I'm leaving out but I can't think of at the moment.
Tom and his minions from Imagicon were there and they hosted a great party! There was some stiff competition though including a white thrash themed party and an 80's metal themed one.
George Bonilla and his crew were on hand with some sneak peeks of their upcoming movie Santa Claus vs. The Zombies. I designed the military patch used in it and he gave me some of them. I'll post pix soon. We also discussed me being involved with in the movie a little more but I'll save that news for later.
There were a lot of folks there I haven't mentioned but I'll be getting to them in my next post about Darkwoods Con...because I think they're following me!
Unfortunately this was one of those events where we completely forget to take here's a couple we did took on Sunday:

One of the coolest things I have seen for a very long time, a steampunk Professor X chair.

Con Nooga Todd and me with the art I did for the event last year that he loves so much he had blown up and stuck on the side of his trailer.

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