Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rock n Roll Carnival & a new show announcement...

...The Good, The Bad & The Wet!

Yep, that's about the long & short of it. Set up for what was our first real outdoor event. Yeah 7th Street's Faerie Fest is outdoor but it's one day, ends before dark and we can rent everything we need from them. The Northside Rock n Roll Carnival was different for us. We had to supply everything.

We bought our tent thingy on Thursday and since the event would last way into the night we had the problem of lighting to be solved so we set up the shelter in the front yard and wait until dark to light it. Not sure what our neighbors thought but our idea of lighting with white Christmas lights worked better than we had imagined!

The weather on Friday was awesome! The crowds were out in full force, the bands were top-notch and the beer was nectar of the gods (Christian Moerline O.T.R. really is the shit!)

Some of the folks from Hell in a Handbasket Zine stooped by and dropped off the fliers for the Black Devil Doll premiere where I'll be displaying. Nathan from HorrorHound also stopped by. The festivities rolled on until around 1 AM!

Below is a pic of the daytime booth. We were going to take one after dark to show all the awesome lights but we forgot. So our plan was to grab a photo on Saturday night. Man what a horrible day Saturday was! We set up in the light rain. Had a few sales after the parade but the rain sent most people home. There were several hardcore revellers they stuck around and braved the rain which wasn't a downpour but just a steady, run of the mill rain all day long. So we decided to pack up around 7. I really hated to leave but Heather was feeling under the weather, traffic was slow and we were all pretty moist. Alas, no nighttime pic. Maybe next time.

All in all it was a great weekend. The people of Northside dug my art, made some new friends and fans and drank good beer. Can't ask for more than that!

Now for the new show: I'll be displaying at the Southgate House in Newport KY during the Rumble Club CD release party on Friday, July 10! If you like you some psychobilly come check it out!

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