Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ass-Kickin', Zombie-Lovin' Local Shows...

Hey kiddies! I want to promote some local shows I'll be doing in the next few weeks. I'm really excited because this year is the biggest for me here in the Northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati area thus far and it all kicked off with the 7th Street Gifts Fearie Fest back in May and was followed by the Northside Rock n Roll Carnival last weekend.

Next up is the Rumble Club CD Release Party at Southgate House in Newport KY on June 10th. If you're into psychobilly you'll love these guys. We'll be upstairs in the gallery with tons of originals on display and prints & shirts will be available to buy and Rumble Club will be downstairs in the Ballroom.

On July 17th we're almost confirmed for the Fountain Square T-shirt Fest. I'll let you know when that's 100%.

The next night, the 18th, we'll be at Shimmers in Ft. Wright KY for the Impalers concert. If you're an old school metal head you may remember that Tipper Gore had a hard-on for these guys back in the day. They're still around spreading their gore-rock tentacles across the globe. Also playing will be my friends 13 Pagan Holiday 13 & Kemper.

On August 1st we'll be displaying at the Hell In A Handbasket sponsored Black Devil Doll premere at the Know Theatre in Cincinnati. If you're into B horror flicks I probably don't have to elaborate much on this one except that fellow lowbrow artist will be present. Rob Meyer of It Came From The Basement. Check his stuff out. You won't be disappointed.

And then we'll be at the Covedale Arts and Crafts Fair in Covedale (Cincinnati) OH on August 22.

Jump ahead a few months and we'll be at the first Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati. That's right, Horrorhound in comin' to Cinci on November 20 - 22! Elvira will be there. Need I say more?

Below is an updated calendar with events we'll be attending into May of 2010.
July 10, '09 - Rumble Club CD Release Party @ Southgate House, Newport KY 
July 17, '09 - Fountain Square T-shirt Fest, Cincinnati OH 
July 18, '09 - Impalers Concert @ Shimmers, Ft. Wright KY 
Aug. 1, '09 - Black Devil Doll Premiere, Cincinnati OH 
Aug. 13-16, '09 - GenCon, Indianapolis IN 
Aug. 22, '09 - Covedale Arts Fair, Cincinnati OH 
Sep. 11-13, '09 - Scarefest, Lexington KY (Guest of Honor) 
Sep. 18-20, '09 - Horror Realm, Pittsburgh PA (Guest) 
Oct. 3-4, '09 - Dark Carnival Film Fest, Bloomington IN (Guest) 
Oct. 10-11, '09 - ZombieConX, Milwaukee WI (Guest) 
Oct. 17-18, '09 - Nashville Comics & Horror Show, Nashville TN 
Oct. 23-25, '09 - CharCon, Charleston WV (Guest of Honor) 
Nov. 20-22, '09 - Horrorhound Weekend, Cincinnati, OH (Guest) 
Feb. 19-21, '10 - Con Nooga, Chattanooga TN (Guest) 
Mar. 12-14, '10 - Mid-South Con, Memphis TN (Guest of Honor) 
Mar. 26-28, '10 - Horrorhound Weekend, Indianapolis, IN (Guest) 
May 28-30, '10 - MarCon, Columbus OH (Guest of Honor)

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zombies and toys said...

I look forward to meeting you at Horror Realm in Pittsburgh!