Thursday, July 30, 2009

Black Devil Doll this weekend!

First off I'd like to thank everyone at the Chattanooga Tattoo Arts Fest for a great show last weekend. We loves us some Chattanooga!

But now I want to plug next weekend's show. The Black Devil Doll Cincinnati premiere! The show will be held at the Know Theatre in Cinci and is sponsored by the kick ass folks at Hell In A Handbasket. The show features artist Rob Meyer from It Came From The Basement, horror masks by Ghastly Productions, bands Season Of The Witch, Pumpkin Sluts & De Los Muertos. This could possibly turn out to be the most...uh...interesting show of the year!

If you're not familiar with the movie Black Devil Doll you owe it to yourself to check out the traliers so that you, too, can be just as offended as the rest of the nation!

You cannot miss this show!!!!

Hell yes!

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