Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Re-cap & pre-cap for this weekends event

Re-cap: Finally gettin' settled in so I can tell the world about Faerie Fest. Seventh Street Gifts holds this family-friendly event every year. They have a May pole dance, faerie parade and booths of artists and artisans. Food, drinks (Killian's on tap!!), live entertainment, the works! Since my booth setup I have is geared towards indoor events the day was not without incident. We were tearing when a gust of wind picked my t-shirt display up and set it on Heather's head! Even though it is massive luckily it only weighs a few pounds so the only thing hurt was her pride. But shortly afterwards another gust picked a tent up and set it on Heather's head...again! Otherwise it was a great day. The beautiful weather brought out loads of people. I met so many great people. I had the opportunity to offer some words of wisdom and encouragement to some aspiring artists in the hopes that I could pay forward some of the encouragement that has been given to me throughout the years. The folks at Seventh Street are fabulous. Back years ago when we first moved the area they were the only gallery that would give me the time of day and they ave the distinction of being the ones to give me my first solo gallery show! If you're in the Newport area stop by and check them out. You won't be disappointed!

Pre-cap: This weekend I'll be at the World Independant Film Expo (W.I.F.E.). This show, which is my first film fest, is held in Richmond KY and is put on by our friends George Bonilla and ZP International. Guests include our friends Daniel Emery taylor, Jim O'Rear, Mr. Terrific and Anubis Digital as well as a slew of others.
Films that will be showing include such titles as Trailer Park Ninja, Dusk of the Dead, Killdo, Chainsaw Cheerleaders, Fangs for the Memories, Little Sex Shop of Horrors and the premier of Hellephone! If you're a film buff you will kick yourself if you miss this!

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