Friday, August 10, 2012

Bootleggers and brick makers

Good news everyone! This one's a two-fer! Not nearly as juicy as the last one but nevertheless...

Cincinnati Enquirer
Apr. 2, 1903

Olive Hill Ky, April 1 - Alonso Dehart, who attempted to jump on a freight train here yesterday and came near falling under the wheels, has been arrested, charged with selling whisky in Elliot County without a license.

Olive Hill, Ky, Apr. 1 - Theodore Scott, aged 14, sustained a crushed hip and other injuries by being run over at the brick plant.

The Dehart incident intrigues me. Were the two events related? How so? I want more information. Although I'm sure the vignette I have running in my head with Don Knotts as Alonso Dehart and Jack Elam as the town marshal is much more interesting....

It would also be interesting with Elam as Dehart and Knotts as the marshal. Hmmm...

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