Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Blasts from the pasts...

Casa de Zombie is coming along nicely. Ghostly things continue to happen. We keep learning more about the building. And so on.... I will be sharing more of that in the future but right now I want to share something else with you.

While doing some research on Casa de Zombie I did a little keyword search for my hometown, Olive Hill, KY, in the Cinci Enquirer and came up with a bunch of juicy tidbits I think I'll start posting.

I know not everybody gives a shit about the place I grew up but in order to make these palatable for the general public I will be adding some commentary. Enjoy...or don't...whatever...

Cincinnati Enquirer Oct. 4, 1902
Special Dispatch to the Enquirer
OLIVE HILL, KY, October 3 - At Reeder Postoffice, Nannie, the eight-year-old daughter of Joe Gilliam, dropped a revolver. The weapon discharged a ball that passed through her knee and took off one of the fingers of her grandmother, aged 89. The ball lodged in the aged lady's temple and she will die. The doctors say the girl's leg will have to be amputated above the knee.


There's a lot going on in these four sentences. Most obvious is why was Nannie playing with a loaded pistol?  Secondly, one thing that struck me is the matter-of-fact style articles were written in back then. "...she will die". Really? But is suppose I was a bit surprised that and 89 year old shot in the head wasn't killed instantly and didn't just *poof* away in a cloud of dust and cobwebs. Just goes to show we were a tougher species back then. I mean just those that made it through childhood alive were tough sons of bitches.

That's it for now. I'll post another in a few days.

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