Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Origins and Con-tamination and free shit!

Just wanted to put out a couple things going on this weekend. First off I'll be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus this Thursday only! I won't have a booth but I will be at the Charcon booth helping promote their event coming up in October. Since I won't be selling stuff there I wanted to do something so I think I will be giving away a limited number of hand drawn sketch cards. The exact number is unknown because I'll just give 'em away until my pack runs out. Also, you have to actually stop by the booth. I won't be handing them out to any old Joe Schmoe. As for the booth; we believe that the booth will not be in the vendor area but will be out in the main hall. So stop by the Charcon booth and get some free shit!

We'll be leavin' early Friday morn for St. Louis for the always fun and entertaining Con-Tamination. The Fantastic Four will be there along with a Jason, a Leatherface, a Candy Man, a couple a barbarians, some zombies, a porn star and a jack-ass. Artists include myself, Johnny Bopp, Dick Starr and Joel Robinson. There's also some cool vendors like World of Strange. Come get screwy in St. Louie with us!

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