Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Contagion, Contagion, Contagion!

I know it's been a while but things have been pretty crazy but we just got back from Contagion in Omaha Nebraska and had such a great time that I had to dust off the old blog and write about it...I am also bringing back the Top 10 List of Things That Will Not Be Elaborated Upon.

First off I wanted to thank everyone involved for making out trip simply phenomenal. First year shows can have bumps and stops but from our perspective everything was pitch perfect. So kudos to the staff of Contagion!

Secondly, big thanks to the folks of the Omaha Chapter of the Zombie Research Society who were instrumental in getting us out there and took care of us. We owe you! Special thanks to Pat for taking the time to shuttle us around and show us the great city of Omaha.

Lastly, the attendees and fans we met were super nice and welcoming. Omaha has a great fandom community in place that really seems to be on the same page and works together to make things happen. Omaha could be a great destination to get your convention fix in the very near future...

We had a great time hanging out with the head of Zombie Research Society, Matt Mogk, and all the Omaha Zombie Research Society. On Saturday the ZRS presented Matt and me with some special art, caricatures by local artists. Mine was a zombification by Eric White who you can find at

Eric giving presenting me his zombification of the zombificator

Me & Matt Mogk of the ZRS

We also got to hang out with a couple of the Walking Dead zombies, Sonya Thompson and Melissa Cowan...and while I'm writing this I realize that we didn't get ANY pictures of the extra-curricular activities so you'll just have to take my word for it. I mean we spent half the day Monday hanging out with them and our unofficial tour guide Logan and have nothing to show for it...except this photo of me and my new hat...

Out with tha old and in with tha new!

But we did get the self-shot...

And this shot at the con...

And this one...
Heather & Sonya @ the airport

And these from my panel on the popularity of zombies...
On my left was Sonya Thompson (Walking Dead), Matt Mogk and Pat (both from the ZRS)

...on my right was Joe Schrieber (author Star Wars: Death Troopers), Melissa Cowan & Joe Giles (both from the Walking Dead), and Mike of the ZRS just to name a few...

This was quite possibly the largest gathering of zombie insiders I have been a part of. A great panel...(not pictured are Tim and The Spider & The Fly...I think...)

Now for the Top 10 List of Things That Will Not Be Elaborated Upon....

10. The Walking Dead don't smell nearly as bad as one would think.
9. Hop Bomb!
8. Waitresses with math skills are a must.
7. Cripple Pimpin' is an idea whose time has come!
6. Decepticons are rude and don't mind stealing your limelight. 
5. We met a one legged man on his way to an ass kicking contest.
4. That smell you're smelling isn't chocolate, it's mulch!
3. It's a nice day, we'll walk. No, seriously, we don't mind. Really. We kind of prefer to walk. Seriously, it's OK. We'll walk. Really.
2. In Omaha you have to finger bang the street lights to get "walk" signals to work...
1. I'm replacing Ron Jeremy!

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