Monday, July 26, 2010

Zombiestock, Dead White & Blue and YOU!

Salutations! A little plug for my upcoming show in Louisville KY, ZOMBIESTOCK! Zombiestock runs in conjunction with Fright Night Film Fest from noon to 7 pm this Friday. The event is free, did'ja catch that? FREE!! And if that wasn't enough if you come dressed as a zombie you will get to be in Feathered Italian Films' next movie which is called Zombie Movie for some weird reason... And if THAT wasn't enough to make you want to get yer zombie on get a load of the guest list:

Friday the 13ths FIRST Jason Voorhees ARI LEHMAN
Award winning zombie artist BILLY TACKETT
Deadlands director GARY UGAREK
5 time MMA champ and Hall of Famer DALE MILLER
Wrestling Diva/ actress & director RONI JONAH
Dead Moon Rising stars TUCKY WILLIAMS, JASON CROWE and many more including special guests like TJ Moreschi, David Fultz, Cory Stringer, David Pollard, The Wingman cast & crew, Madhouse productions and more! 
Don't forget music and performances by Ari Lehman's FIRSTJASON, SACRED SORROW, TRISTA RAY and DJ LEPREKON

Zombiestock runs from 12 noon to 7pm Friday July 30th at the INN PLACE HOTEL in Louisville KY. After "ZOMBIESTOCK" attend the FRIGHT NIGHT FILM FESTIVAL and meet all your favorite STARS! FNFF does charge a fee for entry to their festival. Zombiestock is FREE. But if you donate you can get some cool crap. Check the info here:

Oh, And I mentioned new art didn't I? I didn't? Oh well. Here's my newest piece title Zombies of the Universe anyway!

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Nicholas Trotter said...

Hey. Is there a video of the show viewable online? I recall doing a music video but nwver seeing it