Monday, July 12, 2010

my monsters are more FAMOUS than your MONSTERS CON!

Famous Monsters of Filmland. Those words are legendary. Taking part in Famous Monsters Con in Indy was a great honor and I feel as though the magazine is back with a vengeance! It was pretty freakin' awesome to be around such legends as Basil Gogos and William Stout. I missed my chance to meet them properly but sharing the same room with them was a humbling experience. And the sheer number of horror movie icons roaming the building was staggering. I won't go down the list but here's a rundown of some of the folks that made FMC a great weekend:

We had great booth neighbors with Cinema Wasteland and Pirate Pictures with the folks from Kitbuilders Magazine across the way. On Friday we had dinner at Chili's with a group that included Jim O'Rear, Bryan Wilson, Cerina Vincent (I didn't know at the time but Cerina was a Power Ranger!), Danielle Harris, and William Forsythe.

Saturday was an awesome day which concluded with dinner with Sam Flegal, Matt Essary, Johnny Bopp and Dick Starr at a restaurant called Indy's, which I would not recommend if you like draft beer...long story. After that we headed to the hotel to check out the after hour shenanigans...of which included witnessing the star of a classic zombie movie make a girl in a tutu get outta his chair, sharing a beer with the write of Night of the Living Dead, hanging out with the great conversationalist Eric Butts, the discovery that one of William Stout's entourage has a wet ear, finding out the Billy Gram is a hoot and a half and Dragonfly is a damned good IPA!

Some other folks that we got to hang out with over the weekend was Jason Crowe, Roni Jonah, Bob East, Bradd Parton, Lydia Burris, Chris Kuchta, Mike Christopher, Terrance Z'dunich, Dave from Con-tamination, Marc BallardSal Lizard and the tons of friends that stopped by the booth. Thanks to Gypsy and the volunteers for the hospitality and we look forward to next year.

Dinner @ Chili's
Dinner@ Chili's
Cerina, Danielle, Angela & Heather outside Chili's
Photos courtesy Wickedbeard

Don't forget: this weekend we're going to be hanging out at Loveland Castle for the Masked Cabaret and then the next week Zombiestock! Get you VIP pass for $100 and up and get some cool stuff! Tell 'em I sent you.

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