Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Showin' some love...

Recently I have been asked to do several interviews. I would like to take the opprotuntiy to list a few and give links back to those who have supported me!

BelkisNYC - If you're a creative type she can tell you how to market yourself. I wish I had run across her site a long time ago!

ZombieCommand - A cool site for zombie news!

Florence Recorder - My local paper.
Interview (PDF)

ImagineFX -  Digital art magazine. Whether you're a traditional or digital artist I highly recommend this magazine. I was a featured traditional artist in issue 43. Below is a scan of the page but if you want to read it buy it!

Night of the Living Podcast - A freakin' hilarious horror review podcast. Theu interviewed me at Rockin' Rooster Comics' Free Comic Book Day. My part is in the first 15 minutes or so. If you're a horror buff looking for some laughs I recommend listening to the entire podcast. 

Here's some places you can see some stuff from me in the future:
Infernal Dreams - A great horror review site that did a video interview from the World Independent Film Expo. Will be posted in the future.

Sketch Magazine - A magazine for comic creators. I'm working on a tutorial for a future issue.

HorrorHound Magazine -  Obviously a horror magazine but what might not be so obvious from the name is that HorrorHound is one of the best. Check 'em out. I'm doing some art to be featured in the near future.

ArtLibs - An interesting art based blog. The cool thing is that when she interviews she does a little mad libs game with you. 

Lastly but not leastly - A Prisoners Welcome - I'm doing art and book covers on a regular basis for Shane Moore's Abyss Walker series. If you're looking for a great read check it out. It has zombie deer!

Here's links to some events that have been very gracious hosts to me and my wife:
Thanks everyone!


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