Sunday, June 28, 2009


Just got back from Origins Game Fair. We had a fantastic show but the four day events are exhausting and very slow getting warmed up. Setting up we had the pleasant surprise of discovering that we were neighbors with our old friends Zombie Buddy Productions. Strangely enough we first met them when we were neighbors at my last Origins show a couple years ago. Deja vu?

We also got to meet with a lot of old friends from my last Origins show. I'm flattered that my work was remembered because one can be easily forgotten with all of the "glitz & glamour" there.

We discovered that fellow Abyss Walker artist Katey DeHay was in attendance as well putting her mark on many of the faces there. We had the pleasure of chatting with her a bit. Heather and I also had the opportunity to have dinner with the guys from CharCon, a gaming con in Charleston WV at which I'll be Artist Guest of Honor the October. I dare you to find a better bunch of guys. I'm really, really looking forward to CharCon!

Speaking of guest spots; I also met some of the folks with MarCon which as some of know I will be GoH there next May as well.

Con on the Cob friends Armorcast & Andy Hopp was there as well. Unfortunately when we were in the art room Andy was deep in conversation so we didn't have the chance to say hi. So if you're out there listening Andy...Hi. We also had a brief conversation with Nigel Sade. My one complaint with Origins: The art room is waaay too far from the dealer's area! I feel so left out...

So other than the horrible hotel experience we had a great time. Did an interview with some guys and I can't remember the website they're with but I'll be posting a link once it's up. I also have some teasers of things yet to come...maybe:
1. A new deal with a company to put even MORE of my images on t-shirts.
2. A Zombie Sam model along the lines of the Aurora models of the 60s and 70s
3. Some higher end merchandise like...well, won't really say right now but I am excited about these possibilities!

Off to beddy bye for me but before I go thanks to everyone at Origins for the phenomenal hospitality.

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