Monday, September 19, 2011

Bad news for Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati

We were so busy with our summer con schedule that we neglected to procure our table at Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati this November before they sold out. Which means we will not be attending the event unless there is an act of God or someone cancels and our number comes up. We apologize to everyone. 

Anyone that has attended either GenCon or Dragon*Con knows that both shows eat up a lot of time and effort. Doing both, which are less than a month apart, is a feat that requires all your energy, attention and money. In the mad rush we just didn't get around to getting our tables and now it's too late.

For anyone that was planning on buying a copy of Dead White & Blue Comics at Horrorhound Weekend, you will still be able to get them online. We are also planning on doing some local signing events at places like Rockin' Rooster Comics as well as other cities, so all is not lost.

Once again we apologize and hope you forgive us. 

Billy & Heather

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