Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's been goin' on

Haven't updated in a little while so i thought I'd give a run down. The St. Louis show, Con-Tamination, was pretty freakin' awesome! Tons of friends were there. Got to meet fans new and old. Plus that is Abyss Walker author Shane Moore's stompin' ground so there were a lot of folks there that were familiar with my work through him. We went to City Museum with Dick Starr, his wife Heidi and Johnny Bopp on Saturday night. All I can say is that if you're in the area you must go to this place!

Some storms came through the area Friday and Saturday nights but nothing major. But some of the folks at the show live in Nashville and we began hearing the first reports of flooding. We didn't know how bad it was until Monday. It was on Tuesday that I started to hear that my hometown of Olive Hill KY was hit hard as well. But then the reports kept getting worse and worse until the realization that this was the worst flooding there for decades. Every building downtown was apparently flooded and many many people lost everything. All the homes, history and hard work that the waters washed away in both towns is heart wrenching!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. If you didn't know about the birthday don't sweat it. It's not something I announce. Had a good birthday with the family. Except for the fact that my (once) favorite restaurant, The Pub, is now on my shit list! The last three times I have tried to eat there they have been closed. Apparently they aren't open for lunch until 3, they close at 9 and on May 5 they are closed because they rent out the place for a charity. Odd hours and closed to the public in the middle of the week? I'll take my business elsewhere.

My gallery show in Covington at Swayne on Main was pretty good. Threat of bad weather kept people away I think. I hope. I'm also getting a sneaking suspicion that people that are fans of my stuff and stuff like my stuff don't visit galleries. If this is true you guys have to come out and support our gallery shows. The more successful these shows are the more it shows the powers that be that art is more that flowers and landscapes and abstractions!

Nice wedding of some friends on Saturday. Congrats Claire and Brian. It was great when the father of the bride gave a D&D reference in his speech!

Cool news: Confirmed our first show outside the USA! We'll be Artist Guest of Honor and SFContario in Ontario in November. We are really excited about this. Along with out Guest of Honor spot in Seattle at ZomBcon this fall is going to be rockin!!

This weekend we'll be headed to Illinois for the wedding of our friends Shane Moore and Tracy. This may be the wedding of the year so we'll have pictures to share!

After that our next shows are Imagicon in Birmingham AL and MarCon in Columbus OH. Hope to see you at one...or both of the shows!

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