Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 in review

2009 is almost gone and what a year it's been. I remember going into '09 was scary as hell. The economy had tanked and folks were losing their jobs and their homes. What was in store for Billy Tackett Studios? I was afraid that relying on the sales of prints and sinking so much time and money into the line of shirts may have been a bad move. But from our first show of the year, Con Nooga, to our last one, Who ARTED?, you guys have shown us that we're doing the right thing. You have welcomed us into your cities and towns and treated us like family.  You've shown us that you appreciate what we're doing and for that we are forever grateful!

You can never have too many Fannies! ConNooga

Heather with Samantha Newark

On the subject of towns and cities, some folks have commented on our 2009 schedule and to be honest it amazes even me! Going to shows every weekend can be pretty grueling but it is worth it. We zombified 17 cities at 25 shows!

Dead White & Blue forever! Imagicon

David Michael Beck, Rocky Karlage & me

Along the way we got to hang out with some old friends and make a buttload of new ones. We've had the opportunity to hang out with some legendary figures in music, movies, literature and art! (Anybody have any advice on keeping the inner fanboy in check?)

Impaler, bitches!

Heather & Kane Hodder

Shane Moore's Abyss Walker series continues to gain momentum with a new book launched this year as well as other news that promises the series will only get bigger and better.

Forces to be reckoned with!

Me with Richard Green

Dead White & Blue series has really proven to be a fan favorite. The graphic novel is still a work in process as well as my art book For The love Of Monsters. With the busy schedule and more commissions than I could shake a stick at these projects have taken a back seat. But we have promised them and we will deliver! 2010 will bring some news related to these publications that promises to take Billy Tackett Studios into some new territory.

Sharin' space with living legend Larry Elmore

Us with the mastermind behind ZP International, George Bonilla

The charity art show we sponsored, Who Arted?,  was a huge success (which I still need to do a write up about) that got a lot of attention. So much that we will putting together another next year.

Heather with the slightly creepy Sean Taylor

Ami & Daniel Taylor, John Dugan and us

2009 shaped up to be a great year. Things have begun to move in a direction that will make 2010 to be the "Year of the Zombie". This year we have laid groundwork for some projects that could turn out to be huge for us. We are working on new merchandise as well as some high profile commissions. We've already added several shows to our calender. And I am always trying to come up with that next super-duper art for a t-shirt or art print. Billy Tackett Studios will continue to zombify America. Who knows, maybe Fannie the Flesheater will start her campaign to become the first female President?

Us with Gunnar Hansen

Jim O'Rear loves him some Zombie Sam!

We're expectin' a lot more of this...

...and this...

...and this...

...in 2010!!

Once again we would like to thank everyone for making this year so great. So to all the old friends we miss, the new ones we made and the ones we haven't met yet...

We wish you a Scary Christmas and a Happy New Fear!

Billy & Heather Tackett


Belkis said...

Happy you had a great year and hoping you have an even better one in 2010.

billy tackett said...

Thank you Belkis. We're hoping to do some shows up in your neck of the woods next year so there's the possibility of having the honor to meet you in person!