Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Scarefest and the Halloween event schedule!

Greetin's! Just an update on what's going on for the Halloween schedule. This weekend, Sep. 11-13 we'll be in Lexington KY for the awesomely awesome Scarefest. Tons of horror guests like Pinhead, Leatherface, Jason as well as some of friends such as these names I'm dropping: Jim O'Rear & Horrorhound mag & R.D Hall & Mark Kidwell & George Bonilla &...well, just be there!

Then on the 18th we're headed to Pittsburgh for Horror Realm, formerly known as the Zombie Fest, with Bill Mosely, Tony Todd, Ken Foree and so on and so forth...

In October we'll be attending the Cincinnati premiere of the flick Zombieland (details coming soon), Dark Carnival Film Fest in Bloomington IN, ZombieConX in Milwaukee, Nashville Comics & Horror Show in, well, Nashville, Charcon in Charleston WV, and then there is the just announced Covington KY Zombie Crawl on Halloween Night which I'll be writing about in the near future but you can hit them up on Facebook in the meantime.

Oh, and there's this little show coming to Cincinnati in November called HorrorHound Weekend featuring some wannabes named Elvira and Tom Savini or something. I dunno...check it out...


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