Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Fest recap

Finally recovering from the Full Moon show. This was my first tattoo show and let me tell you it was an entirely different experience! And I mean that in a good way. First off I'd like to thank Ben, Marc, Jim and everyone that helped get me in and that made the show an unforgettable experience. Full Moon is definitely a show I'll be attending again.

So when we get there our table was set up in front of the main stage so we had front row seats to Sideshow Bennie's on stage "antics". Beds of nails, swinging irons from nipples, stapling money to foreheads & asses. Yes, he does it all! And he's a swell guy. The Friday show was the best because his opener is fire eating. I've seen fire eating before but this time the fire alarms were triggered so we had flashing lights, fire trucks etc. Coolness. 

Another great thing was I discovered my neighbor was my DeviantArt buddy Chops from Monster Ink 

Along with Chops I got to hang out with some old friends, Jim O'Rear, Daniel & Ami Taylor, John Dugan, Scott Blair and Donkey Punch. I finally had the opportunity to talk with fellow horror artist Joel Robinson. We've been to several of the same events but never got the chance to chat.

We also met the wonderful folks at Coon Tattoo. These guys are great! And then there were the all the awesome people that stopped by the booth. Hundreds? Thousands? I dunno but Heather and I were both hoarse afterwards!

We were also privy to front row seats of Jim doing interviews for Macabre Mansion with Kane Hodder and Jason Mewes.

Here's my list of top 10 random events from the event:
1. Scrotal piercings
3. A mildly disturbing horror celebrity fart
4. Dinner with an exotic dancer
5. FOON!!
6. My irritation at the fact that my wife gets Gunnar Hansen's autograph before me! I mean, really, she didn't even know who he was before she met me! I don't think she even likes TCM! That is noway close to being fair!
7. A close call with a race war
8. An ass rat
9. Finding out that Elvira's twin doesn't shave his legs

Jim, Jason, Ami  Daniel Emery Taylor, Heather and the back of Farras head

Daniel, Ami, Heather, kevin, Farra  Jim

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